Vue Image Board


A Vue.js single page Images Gallery application. The Back-end is over an express-Server, PostgresSQL database & AWS Bucket for images upload.



Syntax Learning Curve: Coming from a non-framework background, learning the Vue.js syntax was initially quite challenging. However, as you got more familiar with the framework, you were able to appreciate the strengths and benefits of using a JS framework.

Modal Components and Prop Passing: Implementing modal components and passing props in Vue.js was not as straightforward as it was in React, which led to some difficulty in maintaining visibility and readability of the code. However, with practice and experience, you were able to develop better strategies for managing props and maintaining clear code structure.

Form Submission and AWS Setup: Setting up form submission and AWS bucket integration were also part of the learning curve with JS frameworks. While challenging at first, these experiences provided valuable opportunities for you to develop your skills and gain exposure to new technologies that you could leverage in future projects.