React Native Fitness App


A React Native fitness tracking mobile application, designed based on my previous UX/UI Study.



When I first set out to develop a fitness tracking mobile app based on my previous UX/UI study, my motivation was driven by the desire to bring my own designs to life. However, I quickly realized that transferring designs from Figma to React Native was not a straightforward process. Despite this challenge, I remained undeterred and determined to find a way to make it work.

Although mobile development was not a part of my formal studies, I had become proficient in JavaScript and React after completing my Social Network project. My excitement was palpable when I discovered React Native, which allowed me to write mobile applications in JavaScript/TS that could be readily available across different platforms in their native languages. This meant that the application could be written once and still be usable on both iOS and Android.

Setting up a development environment for a newcomer can be daunting, especially if they are not familiar with native CLI. For this reason, I would strongly recommend using an Expo CLI, which can get you started in just a few minutes. However, I found that ejecting the application from Expo could be difficult. As a result, after a lot of research and setup, I am currently refactoring the project again using a Native CLI. Despite the initial setbacks, I am determined to see this project through to the end and make it available to anyone looking to track their fitness goals.

In conclusion, while the journey to develop a React Native mobile app for fitness tracking has not been without its challenges, it has been a rewarding experience. From grappling with design transfers to setting up a development environment, I have been able to surmount each challenge and learned valuable skills along the way. Despite the setbacks, my motivation remains undimmed, and I look forward to launching this app to help individuals track their fitness goals in a convenient and user-friendly way.


Check it out on CodeSandbox 🤓